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Welcome to La Marka Standard Poodles web site. We would like to give you some information on our breeding program and philosophies. We believe you must first have a genetically healthy Poodle with sound body and trainable temperament. This is why we do all the recommended genetic testing on all our breeding Poodles before they are bred. The tests include Penn-hip or OFA certified for hips, Yearly eye exams for inherited eye disease, full blood panel, skin punch biopsy for sebaceous adenitis and DNA for von Willebrand’s Disease. All testing is available on request. When these tests are completed we spare no expense in finding the most suitable mate available. Click here for genetic Health Tests for Standard Poodles, Recommended by Versatility In Poodles.

Diverse pedigree’s is the key to having healthy Poodles. To keep check on how closely related our Poodles are we use 10-generation pedigree’s on both the Sire and the Dam to determine the amount of inbreeding. This is done with a computer program. See Diversity in Poodles

Outstanding temperament. A Poodle must be intelligent and willing to please its owner. We temperament test at 7 weeks of age and strive to place each puppy into the right homes for his/her own unique personality. When a puppy is well matched to its new family the rewards are a lifetime of joy! So if you are looking for a couch potato, active family pet, show Poodle, obedience, agility or a hunting prospect we can help you fine the right Poodle.

Our Poodles are maintained in a clean and loving environment. We raise each litter in the house with plenty of socializing including touch therapy. The puppies are handled from birth and given lots of mental stimulus. Acquainting them to toddlers, children, elderly, other pets (including cats, & iguanas) and doggie doors. Educating them to grooming, travel, walks, various household and environmental sounds and interactions. Including stairs, fishponds, and flower gardens, etc. We feed a high quality dry kibble, along with raw meats, knuckle bones, herbs and natural, human grade, vitamins.

Kathy Higgins of La Marka Poodles have been breeding for over 35 years, along with lots of love and assistance from their 37 year old daughter Nicole. They have resided in Corona, Riverside County, California, for over 15 years. We have now relocated in gorgeous Oak Hills, in San Bernardino County, California. Our new home is only 45 minutes from the Corona location and easy to get to. We moved to Oak Hills for the wonderful weather, blue skies, clean air, room for a training field, a large poodle grooming facility, easy access from any where, and the 2 1/2 acres of space for the poodles to romp and play on. We have renovated an older home for human and poodle comforts. Conformation wins consist of Multiple Best Of Variety, Group 1, Best In show and Specialty Best In Show Winners. Including several puppies that have won Specialty Best Standard, and Specialty Best Puppy In Show. Having several Obedience titled poodles and owners. Agility and working titles, Certified Hearing Dogs, Therapy Poodles and Canine Good Citizens. We now have one of our exceptional poodles, Tess, a brown Standard poodle female was trained by Tender Loving Canines, Assistance Dogs to be a Mobility dog for one of their clients in a wheelchair. Her litter brother Sausy is trained as a Signal Dog for owner Kathy Higgins. With Kathy’s late onset of hearing loss, Sausy was owner/breeder/handler trained by Kathy to alert to several sounds that were not audible to her. We also have one of our matrons in a wonderful working and loving location. “Urania” is now residing in Santa Barbara at the Vista Del Monte Retirement Community. She has a special purpose and place in the Alzheimer’s Disease Ward. She is being cared for by an exceptional staff along with many special and loving patients. Watch for pictures of our “special purpose poodles” on the “Dogs In Action” page. Also having Multiple Titled Champions, which include American, International, Mexican, FCI, and various European Champion Titled Poodles. La Marka’s primary color, will always be Black, but having bred in Black for many years and sometimes white, we are also enjoying the challenge of the unique colors in Brown, Apricot and Silver. Together we can offer most of the colors including Blue, Brown, Apricot, Silver, and of course Black.

Kathy has been grooming for over 35 years and is a certified all breed groomer. Home based business for over 7 years, and strip mall grooming shop for over 12 years. Grooming interaction is a weekly must for all of the poodles here. Clipping, bathing, brushing, blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal glands, hand scissoring and handling by mommy, and many other new hands. Acres of fruit trees and exercise for everyone. Outdoors we have slides, “A” frames, tunnels, tubes, tires, and balance beams, introducing new agility abilities to the babies daily, starting at a very young age. Family room crate training starts once weaned from Mom. All puppies potty trained to our routine and ready for their new family by 9 weeks old. During the summer, swimming lessons are given. Dodging raindrop lessons during the winter. We us a veterinarian recommended vaccination schedule.

We place all our Poodles on spay/neuter contracts and guarantee our Poodles health 100%. Show homes, and breeding homes by special treaty only. Please browse through our web site. Educate yourself before you buy a new, special, family member. Many heartaches can be prevented with education and knowledge. Contact us if you have any questions, we are always available to help. Kathy Higgins.