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Interview with La Marka and Bellice Standard Poodles….(A tool to make the very best and educated decisions about purchasing your new Standard Poodle).

Below are OUR answers to Questioning the Ethical and Quality Breeder:

  1. Our names, phone numbers, fax, email and web site, are listed on all our contracts, so we can be contacted at any time.
  2. Our approximate pricing is listed on the Puppy Litter Box page.
  3. Dates, sire, dam, AKC numbers, birth date, color, purchase price, permanent ID (tattoo, and or micro chip) and sex are listed on all sales contract.
  4. All 7 genetic tests recommended by Versatility in Poodles are current and guaranteed in writing on both parents and several generations of ancestors. Tests are listed in Puppy Litter Box. All puppies are temperament and aptitude tested at 7 1/2 weeks old for better placement of each individual personality. We supply a copy of the testing and phone number of the professional tester that can be contacted if there are any farther questions.
  5. The longevity of our breeding program is 10 to 18 years.
  6. Our almost 30 years of breeding experiences are listed in the “Welcome,”
  7. We breed for ourselves. To better the Standard Poodle, for Conformation, competition and companionship. Most of all, for a happy, healthy, intelligent poodle, for you and for ourselves. We will continue our breeding from these wonderful poodles. Then to provide the public with a “better than average poodle.” Since we are breeding for our own improvement, to keep puppies for ourselves, our companion poodles that are available to the buyer are the “best of the best,”
  8. All puppies sold as companions and poodles, are sold on spay/neuter and limited contracts.
  9. If owner is unable to keep our poodles, we welcome them back at anytime.
  10. Many references are available upon request. Here are a few,,
  11. All puppies have a 48-hour veterinarian check from date of purchase. We have a 100% written guarantee on all our puppies for health and temperament. The buyer receives a signed contract for their files.
  12. We breed to decrease the incidences of hereditary diseases, we test all parents, and would eradicate from our breeding program any poodles that showed any signs of hereditary diseases. We will replace any puppy that develops any of the 7 listed genetic diseases. We also have guarantees against convulsive disorders, or stomach disorders.
  13. Our premises are always available for inspection at any time. They are always clean, disinfected and free of parasites.
  14. All puppies receive sunlight several hours a day out in our huge grassy yard, where they can exercise in a playful environment with toys, jungle jims, board walks, jumps, tunnel, play ball with mommy and the others along with plenty of fresh water for both drinking and swimming, and a lot of trees to play under. All our puppies are accustom to being handled and educated in the grooming routine.
  15. We have many relatives, parents and ancestors available to be seen here on the premises at anytime.
  16. We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our Poodles in the house, in the yard, grooming, playing, eating, sleeping, driving, working, and loving. They are like our children and are raised like our children. We contantly handle our babies from birth on.
  17. Our contract states that all buyers must have an enclosed yard and the poodle is to be on leash when in an unenclosed yard.
  18. We have enough space and people to accommodate the need of every single puppy and are never in a hurry to “make a sale”. There is a right home for every poodle, and is worth waiting for no matter how long it takes to make the right “Match” for both the buyer and the puppy.
  19. We want all buyers to be conformable and inform us with good and/or bad reports and is willing to let us help and advise. We want to help educate any one that is willing to learn. We are interested in the development of each and every puppy throughout their lifetime.
  20. We want each and every buyer and poodle to have a perfect long healthy life together. We are here to continually improve the breed, enjoy their great personalities, and to give and receive that unconditional love that can be shared between the human and the Standard Poodle.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no such thing as a registered “Royal or Giant” Standard Poodle or “Dwarf” Standard Poodle. The terms are used as marketing gimmicks to imply that your puppy will grow extra large or be smaller than average. The average is around 21 to 24 inches for females, and 24 to 26 inches for males. The teeny-tiny size to the hugely-enormous size of the poodle is not as healthy as the moderate average sized Poodle in all three varieties. The terms “Royal or Giant” is to imply that the dog will be over 27″ or extra large. There is no way to guarantee the growth pattern of a dog. AKC does not recognize the “Royal, Giant, or Dwarf” Standard Poodle. The tiny size enormous size of the poodle is not as healthy as the moderate average sized Poodle. The majority of the Standard Poodles are 21′ to 26′ at the shoulders. Females leaning towards the lower end of the range. Males leaning towards the higher end of the range.


According to breed scholars, the Poodle’s origins most likely took place in Germany where it was know as PUDELIN (meaning “to splash”) because of its love of water. It was the French, however, who honored the Poodle at home, in court circles and on the battlefields thus earning the dog the popular, but incorrect title, “French Poodle.”

THE STANDARD POODLE is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America. Poodles are highly intelligent, adaptable and have a good sense of humor. Poodles come in three sizes, many colors, do not shed, and are tolerated by many allergy suffers. With so many wonderful qualities, it is easy to understand why the Poodle has so many admirers. The Standard Poodle, originally a water retriever, is now enjoying multiple roles, hospital therapy dog, hunting dog, agility dog, assistant dog, and loyal companion. He is ideal for those individuals who prefer a larger dog.

The advantages to owning a standard poodle:

  1. Highly intelligent, and adaptable.
  2. Delightful, clever temperament
  3. Non-shedding.
  4. Many colors to chose from.
  5. Breed of choice for the allergy suffers.

The disadvantages to owning a standard poodle:

Demands regular grooming
Once you own one you will never own anything else
All health conditions are listed continually though the web site. All health conditions are guaranteed in writing.

However, even when the sire and the dam and many generations have been tested and found free of specific hereditary health problems, there is absolutely no guarantee that puppy will not develop one of these problems. Buying a puppy from a breeder whom tests breeding stock, considerably increases your chance of getting a healthy puppy. A reputable breeder will give you a 100% written guarantee for the puppy’s health and temperament. A responsible, conscientious breeder screens all breeding stock for hereditary health problems for which there is testing available prior to utilizing any dog in a breeding program. They are delighted to answer any questions about the health and temperament of the puppy’s sire and dam.


The Miniature Poodle is the medium size variety. Ideally not taller than 15 inches at the shoulders and around 15 pounds. The Miniature Poodle is a sturdy size and small enough to suit apartments living and large enough to be a rough and tumble child’s companion. The Miniature Poodle is very intelligent, learns quickly, is very agile as seen in the circus.

The smallest of the three recognized varieties is the Toy Poodle. It is popular with apartment owners, retired people who enjoy traveling with their pet and those who prefer a very small dog. By definition the Toy Poodle should not be taller than 10 inches at the shoulders.

SHOW QUALITY VERSUS PET QUALITY —- A show quality puppy is one that, in the breeder’s opinion, should be able to become a champion. A pet quality puppy is less likely, in the breeder’s estimation, to become a champion. However, when buying a puppy (8 weeks to 16 weeks), trying to guess what that puppy will look like when it is an adult is just that… a guess. A reputable breeder can look at their puppies at 8 weeks and determine the quality of their puppies. If buying a puppy for show, get it in writing with a guarantee. The reputable breeder can tell you almost verbatim what their puppies will grow up to look like.

A pet quality puppy is one that has a minor fault that would disqualify it from being shown for example, a color spot on the puppy, one testicle, oversize or undersize, or improper bite. There are some minor faults that are not visible, but the breeder wishes not to show or breed a particular puppy. However, the feature(s) that disqualify these puppies in the breeder’s opinion, will in no way, affect their ability to be a wonderful companion pet. The reputable breeder is breeding for themselves and is going to keep a couple of the puppies from that litter. Thus making even the pet puppies, the best companion pet available.

All our puppies are sold on the AKC’s limited registration form and spay/neuter contracts. The limited registration form is a simple way of saying that although your pet is an AKC registered purebred standard poodle, it cannot be bred. And if it is bred, the offspring cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club. Using this form is the breeder’s way of ensuring that the puppy will not be bred and pass along the disqualifying feature to future generations. This is also how the reputable breeder protects their breeding program from misuse. Spaying and/or neutering your dog also increases its chances of leading a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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