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Standard poodle puppies are available at $3,000.00. OCCASIONALLY we have mature and/or young adult standard poodles available starting at $2000.00. All poodle pricing is determined on color, age and training.

Our training includes the Super Dog ProgramĀ

We are experienced in shipping all over the US never having a mishap. Deposits are required to hold any of the poodles, for it’s enamored family. Payment in full required before shipping, along with a signed contract. All poodles leave with a complete “Adult or Puppy Profile.” Enclosed in the “Profile” are the written temperament, sensitivity and instinct tests, vaccination records, health certificate, veterinarian check, sales contract, and written genetic guarantee pertaining to Miniature or Standard Poodles. All puppies and adults are exquisitely groomed. We provide pictures and title certificates of the parents and ancestors. Several informational pamphlets are included to educate you and your new poodle. Feeding instructions, schedule, and complete starter kits are provided. We also provide many generations of written proof of genetically tested ancestors. We guarantee that all sires (fathers) and dams (mothers) are tested for the seven recommended tests for “The Standard Poodle,” as written by VERSATILITY IN POODLES.

OFA and/or PENN-HIP hip x-ray for hip joint dysplasia (HD)
PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy and inherited eye abnormalities
SA Sebaceous Adenitis, skin abnormalities
VWD DNA for Von Willenbrand’s Disease (blood clotting factor)
Thyroid blood panel for Thyroid function
SODIUM/POTASSIUM and /or ATCH Stimulation Blood test for Addison’s Disease
BUN/CREATININE RATIO blood test for Juvenile Renal Disease

None of our puppies or adults is sold for breeding purposes. All poodles are sold on limited registration and spay/neuter contracts. Occasionally breeding and show puppies are available by Special Treaty. Our Poodles are People and are VIP’s (very important poodles) treated with lots of TLC (tender Loving caresses). We breed for our own pleasure, enjoyment and for the improvement of the breed. WE WANT OTHERS TO ENJOY HEALTHY, INTELLIGENT, LOVING, “HEART WARMING, COLD NOSES.”


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