I know from day one not every puppy could stay – preparing them for life took many hours each day.
I love every minute watching them develop and thrive – helping them discover the world fills me with pride.
The weeks are numbered – never enough time- I worry even though I know the puppies will be fine.
Now I trust you with this puppy and hope you understand, I handpicked you and expect you to follow the plan.
Continue to provide new experiences each day – never stop training – and always include play.
I will never forget my puppies and will always be here – please provide them the best for the rest of their years.
No matter how long ago your baby was here – not staying in touch is my biggest fear.

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Past litters



La Marka Sharbelle Participation Shayna Maidel (“Shayna”) Black

Ch. Del Zarzoso Salvame from afterglow (“Dino”)

Blue import from Spain

Puppies born November 30, 2016

All puppies from this litter have wonderful forever homes !

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Pregnancy Calendar for SHAYNA & DINO
Date: Monday October 3, 2016
Sire: “DINO” blue standard poodle
Dam: “SHAYNA” black standard poodle
Breeder: Alice Wiley & Kathy Higgins
Day 1-Sat

1 Oct 2016

First day of mating.

Sperm travel searching for a mature ripened eggs.

Day 2-Sun

2 Oct 2016

Sat 8 Oct 2016

Week 1

Fertilization occurs.

2 cell embryos are in the oviduct.

Day 9-Sun

9 Oct 2016

Sat 15 Oct 2016

Week 2

Embryo will be 4 cell at start of week and 64 cell by end of week.

Embryo enters the uterus.

Feeding small amounts of high protein supplements, such as eggs, lean muscle meats (not pork) or liver is a good practice…

Day 16-Sun 16 Oct 2016

Sat 22 Oct 2016

Week 3

Embryos implants along uterus wall.

During the next two weeks the important organs will develop.

Her nipples begin to turn pink and enlarge.

May loose appetite during this week.

Morning sickness may occur. She also stretched a lot due to her movement in her abdomen.

Day 23-Sun 23 Oct 2016

Fri 28 Oct 2016

Week 4

Morning sickness should go away and appetite return.

One of the early signs of pregnancy is for the dam to ‘adopt’ a toy.

Development of eyes and spinal cord and faces take shape.

The fur on the belly and around the nipples thins.

Day 29Sat 29 Oct 2016

Fri 4 Nov 2016

Week 5

The doctor may be able to detect pregnancy (85% accuracy) by feeling the abdomen. Diagnosis by x-rays is usually possible after 45 days (95% accuracy for determining the number of puppies).With a full urinary track a specialist doing sonograms can count puppies from 28 to 35 days of gestation.                                                                         You may be able to feel the little puppies -they would be the small bumps in the abdomen.

Development of toes, whisker buds, and claws.

Eyes now close and gender can be determined.

The puppies are now considered fully developed miniature dogs.

She may be showing… She may also gain a little weight particularly if she is going to birth more than 1-2 puppies…

Day 36-Sat 5 Nov 2016

Thu 10 Nov 2016

Week 6

During the last several weeks, your dogs nutritional needs nearly double. Feed small meals several times a day.

We recommend feeding puppy food through the end of lactation (nursing)…

Increase water.

Enlargement of mammary glands as nipples darken and enlarge.

Day 42-Fri 11 Nov 2016

Thu 17 Nov 2016

Week 7

She may shred papers, blankets or bedding in an attempt at “nest building” in the last weeks.

During the last 2 weeks, your pet may become irritable and should avoid contact with small children.

Moderate exercise is the proper approach. Neither forced rest nor strenuous exercise is a good idea. Short periods of gentle play and short walks are good…

You may feel the puppies now but counting them may be a bit more difficult.

Definite abdominal enlargement.

Abdomen hair will start shedding.

Day 49-Fri 18 Nov 2016

Thu 24 Nov 2016

Week 8

Dam begins to spend a lot more time grooming herself.

Her breasts become swollen as her milk forms.

Nesting begins as she looks for a place to have her puppies… Make sure you have her box or spot ready…

The dam may not have as big of an appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies.

You can feel the puppies move now.

See if you can get her used to her whelping box

Day 56-Fri 25 Nov 2016

Day 61-Wed 30 Dec 2016
Day 63 Fri 2 Dec 2016

Week 9

Nipples and vulva should be gently cleaned with warm water, you might want to trim the hairs surrounding the nipples, to allow easier access for the puppies to suck.

She may express milk from her nipples.

Watch for her temperature to drop. You may take it rectally if you want but she’s just plain old cool to the touch compared to what she has been the last 8 weeks.

She may also become restless, seek seclusion and in the last few days, soil the house.

She will be ‘nesting’ 12-24 hours before the birth

Day 63 Fri 2 Dec 2016

Day 64 Sat 3 Dec 2016

Expected Date of Whelp.

Expected date of whelp. Average is 62 days but may take place from the 58th to the 65th day. Dam may lay on the couch on her back the entire day eating bon-bon-bones before giving birth. Ha Ha!

Keep watching for that cool to the touch… if you’re actually taking the temp, it does drop from 101 to 98 degrees.

Appetite will disappear as whelping approaches.

May see a clear discharge from the vulva.

At onset of labor may pace, dig, shiver, pant and/or vomit.

First fetus will be delivered within 4 hours of the onset of labor.


Shayna & Dino pups

Due: December  3, 2016

ENG CH, AM GCH Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow [Blue]
ENG CH, AM CH Afterglow Sugar Daddy [Black]
ENG CH, AM CH Afterglow The Big Tease TP [WHITE]
SE/NO/DK CH, KBHV-00 Torpaz It’ll Be All White [White]
SE CH, SV -97 Huffish Just A Gigolo [BLACK]
Torpaz Special Edition [Black]
ENG CH Magin Don’t Eat The Daisies At Afterglow [White]
Afterglow Alcatraz [Black]
ENG CH Magin Wild And Wicked [Black]
ENG CH, AM CH Kevlain Faith In Your Dreams At Afterglow [Black]
Magin Justin A Dream For Kevlain [Black]
Labamba Leroy JW [Black]
Magin White And Wicked [White]
Magin A Dream Come True For Kevlain [Black]
Afterglow Alcatraz [Black]
ENG CH Magin Wild And Wicked [Black]
Del Zarzoso Voce Abusou [White]
IT CH Piedmont How About That [Black]
AM CH, ENG CH Torchlight Attention To Details At Piedmont [BLACK]
AM CH Immortal Leapin’ Lizards [CREAM]
Torchlight Trustworthy [BLK]
ENG CH Pamplona Tina Turner At Piedmont
ENG CH Pamplona Cockney Rebel
ENG CH Vanitonia Exquisite Performer At Pamplona [Black]
Del Zarzoso Soy Yo Of Panizzi [White]
CHI CH Del Zarzoso Amado-Mio
EW-01, GER/VDH CH Flomar’s Papi Rico [White]
AM CH, ES CH Del Zarzoso Belle-Epoque [WHITE]
WW-01, INT CH, BRA/ARG/URU GCH, LAT/MEX/CHI/PT CH Del Zarzoso Gula Gula [White]
AM CH Dawin Tricks Of The Trade [WHT]
ES CH Del Zarzoso Como Una Ola
LaMarka Sharbelle Participation mine Shayna Maidel (Dominant-Black)
CH Sharbelle Rainier [BLACK]
CH Sharbelle Montana High [BLACK]
CH Sharbelle Man In Black [Blk]
AM CH Avion Sports Coupe [BLK]
Sharbelle Sunkis Miss America [BLACK]
Sharbelle Viva Dawin
AM CH Dawin Xanadu Of Highprofile [BLK]
AM CH Sharbelle Wild Flowers [BLACK]
Sharbelle Spring Buoquet [WHITE]
AM CH Ale Kai Valentino On Fifth [WHITE]
MBIS MBISS AM CH Lake Cove That’s My Boy TP [White]
AM CH Ale Kai Diamonds And Pearls TP [WHITE]
CH Sharbelle Lilly Of The Nile [ white]
AM/DAN/SWED CH Prestige I’ll Do Anything TP [WHITE]
Sharbelle Duende Bell Adonna
Bellice-La Marka Shanghai My Heart
La Marka Baroque El Kechuan
AM CH, GRCH Baroque Men In Black [BLK]
AM CH La Marka Abyss Xqisit [BLK]
AM CH Lizette La Moda [BLK]
Romances Duet With Lamarka
AM CH La Marka-Farday Ferrari CDX [BLK]
Romances Breakfast At Tiffanys [SILVER]
Bellice Lamarka Amalfi Coast
Lemerle La Marka Silk Aztec [SILVER]
AM/CAN CH Lemerle Silk Comedian Of Keja [SILVER]
AM CH Lemerle French Azotique [BLUE]
Bellice Lamarka Petra De Oro [Black]
AM CH La Marka Abyss Xqisit [BLK]
Bellice G’nite Gracie Lamarka [APRICOT]